Исполнитель: Hillsong United

Альбом: Glorious Ruins

Verse 1: C#m I have this hope E As an anchor for my soul H Through every storm A I will hold to You C#m With endless love E All my fear is swept away H In everything C#m I will trust in You Chorus: A E There is hope in the promise of the cross F#m C#m H You gave everything to save the world you love A C#m And this hope is an anchor for my soul H Our God will stand A Unshakeable Instrumental: C#m E Verse 2: C#m Unchanging One E You who was and is to come H Your promise sure C#m You will not let go Chorus (x2) Instrumental: C#m A E H Bridge: C#m Your Name is higher A Your Name is greater E H All my hope is in You C#m Your word unfailing A Your promise unshaken E/G# H All my hope is in You

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