What A Saviour

Исполнитель: Hillsong Worship

Альбом: Open Heaven

| F C | F C| F C G | F | VERSE 1: F C F6 C What a Saviour, my Redeemer F C G Friend of sinners, one like me F C F6 C Oh what kindness suffered violence Am C G F Healed my blindness and set me free CHORUS: Am F C G Oh what grace I've found in You my Jesus Am F C G That my soul should entertain Your greatness F C Am G And should this life hold nothing but my Saviour F C Am G I will praise You always | F C | F6 C | F C G | F | VERSE 2: Heaven's glory clothed in mercy Knew my story yet took my end Oh what freedom, hope like heaven Now forgiven I'll rise again INSTRUMENTAL: | F | G | Am | C | BRIDGE: F Should this life I live G Em7 Am Hold nothing but the cross C Where Jesus took my shame F Then with arms stretched wide G Em7 And my head held high C My every breath will sing again

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