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Исполнитель: Hillsong Worship

Альбом: Open Heaven

| Em | Em | G | G | VERSE 1: Em G You put Your love on the line Em G To bear the weight of sin that was mine Em G Washing my rivers of wrongs Em G D Into the sea of Your infinite love CHORUS: G With arms held high D Lord I give my life Em Knowing I'm found in Christ C In Your love forever G With all I am D In Your grace I stand Em The greatest of all romance C Love of God my Saviour INSTRUMENTAL: | G | G | D | D | Em | Em | C | C | VERSE 2: Em G Mercy roars like hurricane winds Em G D Furious love laid waste to my sin BRIDGE: G To the One who has rescued my soul D To the One who has welcomed me home Em To the One who is Saviour of all C I sing forever

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