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Исполнитель: Hillsong Worship

Альбом: No Other Name

CALVARY (Inspired by “Calvary Covers It All” - by Mrs. Walter G. Taylor) Words and Music by REUBEN MORGAN & JONAS MYRIN ♩ = 68 VERSE 1 A F#m The Saviour alone carried the cross D Esus E For all of my debts, He paid the cost F#m E/G# A Salvation complete now forever I'm free D E A Calvary covers it all CHORUS 1 A F#m Calvary covers it all D Hm My sin and shame don't count anymore A All praise to the One F#m Who has ransomed my soul D E A Calvary covers it all VERSE 2 No power on earth, not even the grave Can separate us from mercy and grace He is faithful to save, oh His blood never fails Calvary covers it all BRIDGE F#m No one but Jesus D E Can make us pure as snow F#m A We stand in Your freedom D E A Calvary covers it all

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