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Исполнитель: Hillsong Worship

Альбом: No Other Name

THANK YOU JESUS Words and Music by MATT CROCKER & HANNAH HOBBS ♩ = 79 | A | Asus2 | A | Asus2 | VERSE 1 A Asus2 A Grace that flows like a river E D A Washing over me A Asus2 A Fount of heaven love of Christ E D A Overflow in me CHORUS D Thank You Jesus A Asus You set me free D Christ my Saviour A Asus A You rescued me VERSE 2 Take this life delivered A vessel of Your love Wholly now devoted To see Your kingdom come INSTRUMENTAL | D | E | F#m | A/C#| | D | E | F#m | A | BRIDGE D You've given me life E You've opened my eyes F#m I love You Lord A/C# I love You Lord D You've entered my heart E You've set me apart F#m I love You Lord A I love You Lord

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