Исполнитель: Awakening Worship

Альбом: Adonai

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Verse: 1
              F#m                           C#m/A
Now behold the heavenly throne
                 D                        E
And the One seated in power
       F#m                    C#m/A
All around His glory shines
              D                          E
Like a pearl radiant in beauty

Pre chorus:
      Hm                           F#m
We lift up our eyes to see 
             A                           E
The matchless King Almighty
     Hm                               F#m
We lift up our voices to praise
We join with the angels and sing

F#m                         E
Hallelujah, Holy Holy
  D                             E
Hallelujah, Holy Holy

Verse: 2
A sea of glass spread before
As crystal surrounding the throne
His glory revealed, yet we long for more
Bowing low, we worship the Lord

         F#m       A                    D
He is coming, the triumphant one
             F#m  A               D
Lord of glory, burning like the sun
            F#m    A                      D
Full of power, crowned in righteousness
          F#m        A      D
He is coming, Adonai

Chorus: 2
F#m               A
Hallelujah, Holy Holy
  D                 (E)
Hallelujah, Holy Holy

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