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Исполнитель: Jesus Culture

Альбом: Let It Echo

Verse: 1 Bb We've only scratched the surface Bb And only had just one glance Gm7 We've tasted of Your glory Bb/F Eb2 But there's so much more Verse: 2 Bb We're standing on horizons Bb Where earth collides with heaven Gm7 You're longing for Your children Bb/F Eb2 Gm7 F Eb2 To cry out for more Eb2 Gm7 F We cry out for more Chorus: Eb Gm7 Let it echo from this city Bb F To the nations the sound of praise Eb Gm7 Let the windows of the heavens Bb F Open wide and let it rain Verse: 3 Bb Here in side Your presence Bb Surrounded by Your Spirit Gm7 We're satisfied but desp erate Bb/F Eb2 Gm7 F For even more of You, even more of You Instrumental: | Eb Bb | F Gm7 | Bridge: Eb Bb F Gm7 Oh-oh-oh let heaven Eb Bb F Gm7 Fa-a-all as we sing Eb Bb F Gm7 Eb Oh-oh-oh let heaven fall Bb F Let heaven fall

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