Power in the Cross

Исполнитель: Jesus Culture

Альбом: Let It Echo

Verse: 1 F# H We all stand amazed. In awe of amazing grace G#m H The divide has been erased, we thank You F# H All sin is washed away. You alone have saved the day. G#m H We are forever changed, we thank You Pre chorus: C# Hmaj7 Let every heart, every tongue G#m D#m Come sing of Your redemp tion Chorus: H F# There's power in the Cross where You proved Your love D#m H The only sacri fice strong enough to save us. H F# You rose in victory to let the whole world see G#m H F# Love has made a way. Hope is never lost There's power in the Cross Verse: 2 F# H No we are made alive, in freedom like a fire G#m H Burning with one desire we thank You F# H We will spend all our lives filled with the hope of Christ G#m H Who paid the final price, we thank You Bridge: H Strong enough to save us G#m strong enough to save us F# strong enough to save, strong enough to save
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