Alive In You

Исполнитель: Jesus Culture

Альбом: Let It Echo

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| G  Am | Em  C | 

 Verse: 1
C             G                  Am Em
From beginning to the end
C           G             Am  Em
All my life is in Your hands
    C                 G                        Am  Em
This whole world may hold me down
        C          G                   Am  Em
But it can never drown You out

                  C                       D
I'm not merely flesh and bone
            Em                                   D
I was made for something more

                  C2                          G                     D                       Em
You are God, You're the Great "I Am" breath of life I breathe You in
C2                  G          Em          D
Even in the fire I'm alive in You!
                   C2                   G                 D                         Em
You are strong in my brokenness sovereign over every step
C2                  G            Em            D       G
Even in the fire, I'm alive I'm alive in You!

Verse: 2
C                       G                 Am    Em
Through the dark I hear Your voice
C          G           Am   Em
Rising up I will re-joice 
C                G                     Am   Em
For I was lost but now I'm found
 C                     G                         Am  Em
Cause even death can't hold You down

C                      D        Em
It's no longer I who lives but Christ 
        Am        G                                  Am       G
Who lives within me, Christ who lives within me
C                            D       Em
From beginning to the end 
         Am                  G                    Am            G
You deserve the glory You deserve the glory

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