You Are My World

Исполнитель: Hillsong United

Альбом: Без альбома

Em7 C2 G D/F# Verse: 1 Em7 My Father, I adore You more C2 than anything my heart could wish for G D/F# I just want You Em7 And Jesus, my beloved Saviour C2 G Everything I am I owe to You D/F# I owe it all to You Pre chorus: Am7 C2 Dsus4 - D And angels come and adore You Am7 C2 Dsus4 - D And we Your children worship You Chorus: G D You are my world. You are my God C D And I lay down my life for You G D You are my Lord. The One I love C Cm6,9 No one could ever take Your place Verse: 2 And everything I have I give to You, my Lord, the One I live for I live for You And all my days are gifts from You I pray I'd use them as You want me to Use them for you

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