Praise Goes On

Исполнитель: Elevation Worship

Альбом: Here As In Heaven

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F   C   G   Am

F                       C                    G                         Am
Here in your light we find what makes us come alive
F            C           G      Am
A sacrifice of praise
F          C           G                     Am
A city on a hill surrendered to your will
F                   C           G   Am  F                      C          G 
Your glory on display,            Your glory on display

C                               Dm                         Am                                   F
Awesome in this place Jesus you are awesome in this place
    C                    Dm                                 Am                            F
Worthy to be praised Jesus you are worthy to be praised
                          C/E   F   C   G 
You will be praised

Your love a force of grace consuming every space
It’s uncontainable
You’re coming like a flood Our hearts are filling up
All things are possible, all things are possible

C/E                         F                                   C
Your praise goes on and on forever more
We lift the name of Jesus
C/E                       F                                            C
Your kingdom come is what we’re living for
We lift the name of Jesus

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