Исполнитель: Bethel Music

Альбом: You Make Me Brave

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Hm  A  G 

Verse: 1
Hm                       A                                           G 
In every season,  in every change You are  near
Hm                      A                                                  G 
In every sorrow, You are my strength You are  near

Pre Chorus:
Hm                        A                                       G 
A peace in the  storm Your voice I will  follow
Hm                     A                                 G               A 
In weakness I  rise remembering  You hold  world

D                                                   A 
I’m  holding on to hope I’m  holding on to grace
Hm                                             G 
I’m  fully letting go I’m  surrendered to Your ways
          D                                              A 
The  anchor for my soul Father  You will never change
   Em                          G 
I  love You, I  love You

Verse: 2
Hm                               A                                                 G 
My great Redeemer, my constant Friend You are  near
Hm                            A                                       G 
My faithful Father, You took me in You are  near

     D                                     A 
I will remember Your  promise forever
            Hm                                            G 
My  Strength, my Defender I can  count on You
   D                                        A 
You are my Savior, My  Hope and my Shelter
           G                          A 
Your love is forever I can  count on You

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