For the Cross

Исполнитель: Bethel Music

Альбом: Tides Live

The life You gave Your body was broken Your love poured out You bled and You died for me There on that cross You breathed Your last as you were crucified You gave it all for me Hallelujah, what a Savior Hallelujah, what a friend Hallelujah, King forever We thank You for the cross There in the ground Sealed in the darkness Lifeless laid The frame of the Father’s son In agony He watched His only Son be sacrificed He gave it all for me But on that day What seemed as the darkest hour A violent hope Broke through and shook the ground And as You rose The Light of all the world was magnified And You rose in victory Hallelujah, it is finished Hallelujah, it is done Hallelujah King forever We thank you for the cross And though our sins are scarlet You have made us white as snow

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