Savior Crucified

Исполнитель: Warr Acres

Альбом: Warr Acres

шрифт 0

Verse: 1
Blood of the Christ spilled on a tree
Pours through the space between a sinner and king
I was the one who failed Your name
Taking for granted my savior’s pain

Pre chorus:
But Your grace reaches deeper than my every weakness
Your love stretches father that all of my sorrow
Your light shines brighter still

My savior, crucified
Conquered the grave and rose to life
At the cross You changed my world
Now I give it to You
I’m Yours, I’m Yours

Verse: 2
You knew the sin of those to come
And died for the ones who would deny Your love
I am the one who fails Your name
Taking for granted my savior’s pain

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