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Исполнитель: Hillsong Young & Free

Альбом: Youth Revival

Verse: 1 D/G Hm7 D/A Staring into Your eyes D/F# D/G Makes my heart come alive D/G Hm7 D/A Suddenly brought to life D/F# D/G When I met You Verse: 2 Reaching beyond the skies Running deep, stretching wide Perfect love realized Here with You Pre Chorus: D/G Hm7 D/A Now this love is for real You will never let go, D/F# D/G Never let go D/G Hm7 D/A It's more than just words love beyond my control D/F# D/G Out of con-trol Channel: G Hm7 A D D/F# G2 This is real love, this is real love This is real love, this is real love | G Hm Asus | D D/F# G | Chorus: G Hm A You're pulling me closer and closer D D/F# G holding my heart til the very end G Hm A Jesus, I'm found in Your freedom D D/F# G this is real love, this is real love Bridge: G Hm A In Your heart I am found D D/F# G I want You, I want You G Hm A You won't let me down D D/F# G You've got me, You've got me

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