Tell Your Heart to Beat Again

Исполнитель: Danny Gokey

Альбом: Hope in Front of Me

Dm Bb F C Verse: 1 Dm You're shattered Bb F C Like you've never been before Dm The life you knew Bb F C In a thousand pieces on the floor Dm Bb And words fall short in times like these F C When this world drives you to your knees Bb You think you're never gonna get back C To the you that used to be Chorus: F Tell your heart to beat again C Close your eyes and breathe it in Dm Let the shadows fall away Bb Step into the light of grace C Yesterday's a closing door Dm You don't live there anymore Bb F Say goodbye to where you've been Bb F And tell your heart to beat again Instrumental: | F | F C | Verse: 2 Dm Bb Beginning F C Just let that word wash over you Dm Bb It's alright now F C Love's healing hands have pulled you through Dm Bb So get back up, take step one F C Leave the darkness, feel the sun Bb Cause your story's far from over C And your journey's just begun Bridge: C Let every heartbreak Dm And every scar Bb Be a picture that reminds you F Who has carried you this far C Dm 'Cause love sees farther than you ever could Bb In this moment heaven's working Everything for your good C Dm Bb F C Ohhhh, so tell your heart to beat again
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