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Исполнитель: Hillsong United

Альбом: Cornerstone 2012

F#5 | F#5 | A5 | A5 || F#5 1. Children in the wilderness A5 Following the love You poured out for us D Covered by the Name that we confess F#m Jesus Saviour forever A 2. Roaming through the dark of night E Clinging to the word that burns deep inside D Eyes fixed on Your Name and endless light F#m D Jesus Saviour forever CHORUS: A E Set alight to follow F#m D In the shadow of Your Name A E The world is Yours and I know F#m D Everything will find its place A E F#m D Under Your Name 3. Walking on through the fire Knowing I will not be burned but refined Fearless in Your Name here by my side Jesus Saviour forever 4. Taking on the raging storm Anchored to Your kingdom unshakeable Holding to the Name that outshines all Jesus Saviour forever BRIDGE: E F#m _Children of the light A Blazing through the night E Taking back what the devil had stolen D Calling on the Name F#m Breaking every chain E Jesus everlasting freedom Running through the wild Dancing in the fire Taking back what the devil had stolen Calling on the Name Breaking every chain Jesus everlasting freedom TAG: A E _All the power all the glory F#m D __All the praise be to Your Name forever

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