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Исполнитель: Hillsong United

Альбом: Cornerstone 2012

| F#5 | F#5 | A5 | A5 | 1 verse: F#5 Children in the wilderness A5 Following the love You poured out for us D Covered by the Name that we confess F#m Jesus Saviour forever 2 verse: A Roaming through the dark of night E Clinging to the word that burns deep inside D Eyes fixed on Your Name and endless light F#m D Jesus Saviour forever Chorus: A E Set alight to follow F#m D In the shadow of Your Name A E The world is Yours and I know F#m D Everything will find its place A E F#m D Under Your Name 3 verse: Walking on through the fire Knowing I will not be burned but refined Fearless in Your Name here by my side Jesus Saviour forever 4 verse: Taking on the raging storm Anchored to Your kingdom unshakeable Holding to the Name that outshines all Jesus Saviour forever Bridge: E F#m _Children of the light A Blazing through the night E Taking back what the devil had stolen D Calling on the Name F#m Breaking every chain E Jesus everlasting freedom Running through the wild Dancing in the fire Taking back what the devil had stolen Calling on the Name Breaking every chain Jesus everlasting freedom Tag: A E _All the power all the glory F#m D __All the praise be to Your Name forever

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