Father of Creation

Исполнитель: Hillsong United

Альбом: Shout to the Lord

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Asus4 - A | Hsus4 - H | Asus4 - A | Hsus4 - H ||

We come into Your presence
----- F#m7 ------ H
To sing a song to You
----- F#m7 ------ H
A song of praise and honour
--------- A ------- E/G# -F#m7 - E --- A/E
For all the things you helped us through

You gave a life worth living
----- F#m7 ---- H
A life in love in with You
--- F#m7 ------------ H
And now I just love giving
-------- A -- E/G# -F#m7 - E
All my praises back to You

H/D# -- C#m7
You're the Father of Creation
----- G#m7
The risen Lamb of God
------------ A
You're the One who walked away
---------- E
From the empty tomb that day
H/D# -- C#m7
And You set your people free
--- G#m7
With love and liberty
--------- A
And I can walk with you
---------- Hsus4 ----- H
Every night and every day

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