Your Word

Исполнитель: Hillsong Worship

Альбом: Let There Be Light

YOUR WORD Words and Music by CHRIS DAVENPORT ♩. = 110 | Am | Am | F | F | C | C | Gsus | G G/F | VERSE: 1 G G/F Am F Be-fore the earth knew its foundation C Gsus G You spoke the dust into creation G/F Am F Until the end when all has withered C Gsus G Then still Your Word will endure forever PRE-CHORUS: F Am The lamp unto my feet F Am The light unto my path F Oh CHORUS: Am F C G Your Word will not be shaken Am F C G Your Word will never fail me F C Like a fire in my bones G Dm7 Like a whisper to my soul F C Gsus G You Word is revelation VERSE: 2 Deep calls to deep within Your presence When I hear You speak, my soul awakens Your Spirit leads my heart to worship As Your Word reveals the light of Jesus Repeat PRE-CHORUS: Repeat CHORUS: INSTRUMENTAL: | Fmaj9 | Fmaj9 | Fmaj9 | Fmaj9 | | C | C | C | C | (Play 6 times) Repeat CHORUS: three times FINAL CHORD F
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