Исполнитель: Hillsong Worship

Альбом: Let There Be Light

♩= 68 VERSE: 1 Eb I stand upon the solid rock of faith in Christ This steadfast hope shall not Ab Break apart within the trial I am assured His promises will never fail Fm As long as life remains, He is faithful CHORUS: Eb Bb God is patient, God is kind Ab Fm Fm9 He does not envy, He does not boast Eb Bb His ways are higher than my own Ebadd2/G Ab His thoughts consume the great unknown Bbadd4 (Eb) Of this alone I am sure, my God is love INSTRUMENTAL: 1 |Eb Bb | Cm Ab | Eb Bb | Cm Ab | VERSE: 2 I draw my breath under His Created windswept sky I know my hope shall last long After my flesh retires From dusk until the dawn He calls His children home His righteous love outlasts generations Repeat CHORUS: INSTRUMENTAL: 2 | Cm Ab | Eb Bb | Cm Ab | Eb | BRIDGE: Bb Cm He is Almighty God, Elohim Ab Eb Maker of the earth Bb Cm He is the Lord of hosts, heaven’s King Ab Eb God of endless worth Bb Cm His kingdom stands above every power Ab Eb Every living soul Bb Cm His love is like the sun, ever true Ab Eb Shining over all Repeat BRIDGE: INSTRUMENTAL: 3 | Bb Cm | Ab Eb | Bb Cm | Ab Eb | | Bb Cm | Ab Eb | Bb Cm | Ab| Repeat CHORUS:

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