The Battle Is The Lord's

Исполнитель: Ron Kenoly

Альбом: God Is Able 1991

F#m When the mighty men From the tribe of Judah D Bm Faced the enemy F#m They were told by God Not to be afraid D A D He would give the victory Bm C#m He said lift up a song D And lay down the sword Bm C#m For the battle is mine A E Says the Lord A F#m Sing unto the Lord G Make a joyful sound Lift your voices D E A And let your praise resound A F#m Sing a victory song G In the time of war Trust in Jesus Bm E A The battle is the Lord´s (Repeat) When the evil one Comes against you To fill yor heart with fear You can trust in God He wil never leave you He promised to be near You can lift up a song In the midst of the war For the battle is mine Says the Lord (Repeat chorus 2 times)
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