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Исполнитель: Bethel Music

Альбом: Starlight

74 bpm Verse 1: G D Slow Down take time Breath in he said Em C He’ll reveal what’s to come G D The thoughts in his mind Always higher than mine Em C He’ll reveal all to come Chorus: Em D Take courage my heart Stay steadfast my soul G G He’s in the waiting He’s in the waiting Em D Hold onto your hope As your triumph unfolds C D He’s never failing He’s never failing Verse 2: G D Sing praise my soul Find strength in joy Em C Let his words lead you on G D Do not forget His great faithfulness Em C He’ll finish all he’s begun Bridge: C Em G (And) You who hold the stars C Em G Who call them each by name C Em G D Will surely keep your promise to me C D G That I will rise in your victory

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