Исполнитель: Jimmy Robeson

Альбом: You Are There

Intro: A F# E A F# E Verse 1: A F#m E We have seen and heard the wonders of Your hands A F#m E How You loved us first, carried us to the promised land Prechorus: D E D Esus E Who is like You God? None that we know Chorus: A Esus F#m Esus E D/F# We are overwhelmed, We are overwhelmed by You E D/F# E/G# A Lord You came to our rescue, Now we live to worship You (x2) Turnaround: A F#m E A F#m E Verse 2: A F#m E You have seen and heard our desperate cry for mercy A F#m E You became a curse so we could live in vict’ry
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