Cageless Birds - Glorious (feat. Chris Miller)

Glorious (feat. Chris Miller)

1 Verse:
All of my hope has been founded in You
I'm hidden inside of Your hands
This light will not flicker, I'm burning for You
I trust You with all that I am

Glorious all I can do is sing
Glorious so worthy and true
Glorious i'm hidden inside of Your hands

2 Verse:
And all of my weakness is met by Your grace
The empowering presence to change
In every season more scales fall away
I'm catching new sides of Your face

I bow low at the feet of my Savior
Saying Yes to the process of changing
Falling in to the arms of my Father
All my soul will sing out You are glorious
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Cageless Birds

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Олег Равлюк 00:35 14.02.2020
Друзья, нужен перевод) Хорошая песня

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