Apollo LTD - Always You

Always You

Like a child
I was shaken
Spirit weak
Heart was breaking
I felt like giving up
Oh I felt like giving up

Saw the walls
Around me caving
Was at the bottom
When You came in
And You held my head above
Kept me looking up

See the proof, it's in the glow of
Every high and every low
The shimmer of Your love surrounding me

You were my spotlight
In the darkest nights
You're the only thing I ever held on to
Never more alive
When our love collides
Looking back on what I know is true
I realize
It was always You
It was always You
It was always You

Was looking for
A resolution
Another way
A new solution
I felt like giving up
I thought I'd had enough

Every time I lost the light
Your song would bring me back to life
Echoes of the sweetest melodies
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Алина Гарагатая 08:17 12.09.2020
Very cool😎

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