People & Songs - We the People Praise

We the People Praise (feat. Wesley Nilsen, Mary Grace, May Angeles)

Verse 1:
We confess we’re not the Savior
We confess we must be saved
We confess the mighty Warrior
Who has the name above all names

Verse 2:
We confess there’s one Provider
He alone, The source of good
The Lord of Hosts is our great Father
We trust like sons and daughters would

Pre Chorus:
Once we were tired, poor
And huddled masses
Yearning to breathe free,
Known as tempest-tossed
Neglected, lost
Yet at best we were the least of these

You took us in
And You called us Your Children
Gave us a home
Where we gather at Your feet
You are the only One we’ll ever want
And You are all that we will ever need

Verse 3:
Who is this who welcomes sinners
Who is this who makes them saints
Who is this who forms a Kingdom
Of former prodigals and slaves?

Praise, we the people praise
Everybody lift your voice and praise King Jesus
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