SEU Worship - Dancing At Dusk

Dancing At Dusk (feat. Kenzie Walker)

Find me here
The in between
Stuck in the middle
of what's been and will be

Like a spark
You're still there
Even when i couldn't see

Oh you got me dancing
Dancing at dusk
When the day’s over
You’re not done
Your lights running
Farther than the sun
Though the nights coming
You’ve just begun

On the horizon
I see Your light
You got me dancing
Dancing at dusk
When the day’s over
You're not done

Through it all
Our trust runs deep
Into the rhythm
I'll close my eyes and dream

I see your light
In everything
Time or space
Couldn't hold back what you speak

Even my darkest nights are bright in you
Cause there’s no letting go of what is true
If it's not perfect you're still working on it
I'll be dancing till the mornings here
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