Vineyard Anaheim - Holy

Holy (feat. Jeremy Riddle, Tayla Rede)

Verse 1:
The angels are singing
The elders are casting all their crowns
All of heaven is bowing
Then You turn Your face and we all cry

Chorus 1:
Holy, Holy
Singing Holy, Holy

Verse 2:
The throne is filled with
The beauty and glory of Your name
All of heaven before You
With one heart and voice they sing out

Chorus 2:
Worthy, Worthy
Singing Worthy, Worthy

You’re not a show, we’ve come to see
Jesus You’re greater than anything
So we lift our eyes up to Your face
We all fall down before Your gaze
For You are the Lord, The Lord of all life
You are the reason we live and we breathe
So we lift our praise, up to Your throne
Let all our words resound with Heaven’s

Chorus 3:
Singing Holy, Singing Worthy
Singing Holy, Crying Worthy
We cry out Holy, Singing Worthy
We sing Holy, Crying Worthy

To receive all the glory and all of the honor,
And all of the power forever
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