Vineyard Anaheim - Come in Close

Come in Close (feat. Paul Arend)

Verse 1:
Lord come in close, as closer as you’d like
I’m not afraid, of the fire in your eyes
though the road’s costly, I lay down my life
you are my portion, you are my prize

Chorus 1:
I trust you
I trust you

Verse 2:
Lord come in close, make your home inside
I know you’re consuming, but I won’t try to hide
Though your way wounds me, I lay down my pride
I give up my way, I don’t have to be right

Chorus 2:
I trust you
I trust you
in the darkest of nights
or the highest of highs
I trust you

I know You hold the earth, the stars, and sea
and You say they’re good, like the plans You have for me
How much more Your word, that cannot return empty
Will be good for me to trust and to believe

Will be good for me to trust and to believe
In Your promises I trust and I believe
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