Verse 1: 
You pay for my freedom
When still I’m surrounded by chains
And I know there’s a reason
That my freedom is still on it’s way

So I will not abandon
The One Who has brought me this far
And although I may question
I choose to surrender my heart

Always, I will worship You always
In every season, in all things
My song will never change

Verse 2:
And I know You’re a Healer
I won’t turn ‘til You speak Your name
And You are the Answer
To sickness and sorrow and pain

My God, You’ve been faithful
I’ve not walked a moment alone
I know You are able
To heal me, but even if you don’t

I know You’re for me
You’re not against me
I know Your Glory is living in me
When I can’t see it,
I still believe that You are on Your throne
(And I am not alone)
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Pursue Worship

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