Hm D G D
(repeat x2)

1 Verse:
Hm D G D
Who else commands all the hosts of heaven
Hm D G D
Who else could make every king bow down
Hm D G D
Who else can whisper and darkness trembles
Only a Holy God

2 Verse:
Hm D G D
What other beauty demands such praises
Hm D G D
What other splendour outshines the sun
Hm D G D
What other majesty rules with justice
Only a Holy God

1 Chorus:
Hm G
Come and behold Him
The One and the Only
Hm G
Cry out, sing holy
D A Hm
Forever a Holy God
G A Hm
Come and worship the Holy God

3 Verse:
What other glory consumes like fire
What other power can raise the dead
What other name remains undefeated
Only a Holy God

4 Verse:
Who else could rescue me from my failing
Who else would offer His only Son
Who else invites me to call Him Father
Only a Holy God
Only my Holy God
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Украинский Тільки Господь Святий

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