Hillsong Young & Free - Love Won't Let Me Down

Love Won't Let Me Down

| C | Em | D | Am  Hm7 |

When I was searching Your love was never far
You made a way to get to me
You were the whisper Leading me to Your heart
Forever I belong to You

Now I can see clearly My God You are for me
You won’t let go

Your love won’t let me down
And I know it’s true yeah I know that
Your love is all around
I believe in You holding on to You
Holding on and I know You will never fail
I want all of You You never change
Your love won’t let me down
Love won’t let me down

Right when I need You You listen as I pray
You’d leave the ninety-nine for me
You paint the sky with Promises of Your grace
So I would find my way to You
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