Avraham Fried - Matanot Ktanot | מתנות קטנות

Matanot Ktanot | מתנות קטנות

Another Friday breathing air
Light and shadow play tag again.
The table is set, baby pictures on the wall
White processions return from the synagogue
And the smell that scratches my heart -
Sneak in and open doors
To a little joy, to the same old song
which is passed down from generation to generation.

Small gifts
Someone sent me small gifts
Shrapnel intentions, circles of faith
Little gifts -
For example, the strength to accept what I lack and what I have
What more could you ask for?

Another Friday - balcony and newspaper
The sun, like worries, slowly fades away,
Simple melodies crawl through the window
and there is no more storm to hide the silence.

Little gifts -
Someone sent me small gifts ...

You chose us and sanctified us ...
Blessed are you, Gd, who sanctifies the Sabbath.

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Matanot Ktanot | מתנות קטנות
Avraham Fried

автор слов: Keren Peles автор музыки: Rami Kleinstein
добавил: Оксана Бондарь-Павловская 35 просмотров 222 прослушивания 14 скачиваний

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Русский Скромные дары
Rami Kleinstein

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