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Исполнитель: Rivers & Robots

Альбом: Take Everything

I return once again 
To the place where I belong 
Though I’ve turned, I repent 
God I know that I’ve done wrong 
I need You, I need love 
God, You’re more than enough for me 

Now this fight is as real 
As the ground beneath my feet 
And it pulls, and it draws 
And it eats away at me 
But I choose You, I choose love 
God, You’re more than enough for me 

Though I swim against the tide 
I know I’ll be satisfied by You 
And though I fight against my flesh 
I know I will find my rest in You 

Make a highway in me 
For Your love to come on through 
Break the chains, break the walls 
In between my heart and You 
Fill me up, fill me up 
God, You’re more than enough for me 

You’re my rock and my joy 
You’re the everlasting truth 
There is none in this world 
I desire more than You 
I want You, I want love 
God, You’re more than enough for me 

Jesus, You can satisfy 
Only You can satisfy 
When I’m thirsty and I’m dry 
I come to You Lord 

Oh God fill me completely 
And make me completely in love 

Don’t let me go away 
Just keep me by Your side 
You see me differently 
Behind those burning eyes 

So keep me here, keep my now, forever 
I am Yours, I am Yours, forever 
There is none besides You God, forever 
And forever we will sing 
Forever we will sing
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