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Исполнитель: Nikita Isakov

Альбом: Доверяю

1 verse:
Minute fades after minute, day by day.
It’s getting harder to walk and to go on,
The faintest breath of wind and you are worn out,
But at every single moment, keep walking, hold on!

2 verse:
We are losing our hope for new encounters,
Even time fails to heal and fails to lift us.
In people’s eyes there is grief and there’s confusion
But to all there is a conclusion, don’t you give up, pray on!

Time is almost at hand! Jesus comes to embrace us,
We will see many well-known faces,
And God’s love everlasting will forever abide in hearts.
Dreary days will be gone with their void and delusions.
A new world with no fears, no illusions
There no place for the evil there is life you can't imagine.

3 verse:
Minute fades after minute, day by day.
It's getting harder to walk, but I go on.
Strength's not in my muscles, not in my head,
It is hidden in my heart my God, you are my life.
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