Jesus Culture - Living with a Fire

Living with a Fire (feat. Chris Quilala)

1 verse:
There's a power that's made perfect in my weakness
Fills me up with a strength that is fearless
Am C
I find hope within Your everlasting promise
Am C G
It fans my faith into flame

Am F C G
I'm living with a fire burning inside of me
Am F C G
I'm living for the Savior, Jesus eternally
Am F C G
With all that I am, Lord, I give You my heart
Am F G
So let the flame shine brighter let Your praise sing louder

2 verse:
In a moment You turn mourning into dancing
When I praise I can feel the darkness trembling
Am F C G
All my fear is swept away by perfect love
Am F G
You fan my faith into flame

F G Am C

F G Am C
No darkness can stand against this brighter glory
F G Am C
His promise is sure, Jesus decides my story
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Перевод песни

Русский Живу с огнем
Jesus Culture
Английский Living with a Fire
Grace City

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