Praise Your Name

Исполнитель: Corey Voss

Альбом: Songs of the House

Bb5 D# F Bb5 D# F 1 verse: Bb Fsus4 Even now, I can see darkness is fading Gm7 D#sus2 Walls of fear, brick by brick will come down Bb Fsus4 Your light will shine, lifting me out of the shadows Gm7 D#sus2 Here and now, I know where my breakthrough is found Chorus: Bb I'm gonna sing my way out of the valley F I'm gonna shout my way up to the mountain Gm7 I will take hold of the truth of Your promise D#sus2 F I'm gonna praise, I'm gonna praise Bb I'm gonna push through 'til every lie crumbles Gm F I'm gonna dance in the midst of the rain Gm7 I'm gonna rest in the arms of the Father D#sus2 F D# I'm gonna praise, I'm gonna praise Your name D# F D# F Oh-ohh-ohhh, I'm gonna prai-aise, oh-ohh, oh-ohh 2 verse: Bb Fsus4 There's a sound, welling up from within me. Gm7 D#sus2 Heaven's power, calling hope to arise, oh-ohh Bb Fadd4 So I'm standing tall, here in the strength of Your victory, oh-ohh-ohh Gm7 D#sus2 'Cause when You come, every wrong is made right, ohh Bridge: F Gm9 Fear and depression, shame and confusion D#sus2 Bb You have to bow, you have to bow F Gm9 All lesser things that demand my attention D#sus2 Bb You have to bow, you have to bow
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