King of love

Исполнитель: Delirious?

Альбом: The Cutting Edge Years - 20th Anniversary Edition

1 verse:
King of love, You've called my name
You gave me life although the shame
H C#m
Had covered me, You took my hand
And here I stand I'm saved by grace

Father God You heard the prayer
From deep within my spirit cried
If there's a God come rescue me
Now here I stand, I'm saved by grace

A E/G# H
I will thank You for saving my soul
A E/G# H
For You've shown me the truth in Your Word
A E/G# H C#m
I will take up my cross and follow You
Now I live for the glory of God

2 verse:
Now we turn to walk away
From selfishness, the pride and hate
And when we pass through stony ground
We'll gladly walk upon our knees
So we cry out "come change us Lord
Into a church that loves Your Word"
We will return to knowing You
With joy we'll walk beneath the cross

We will thank You for saving our souls
For You've shown us the truth in Your Word
We will take up the cross and follow You
Now we live for the glory of God
Now we live for the glory of God
Now we live for the glory of God
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