Verse 1:
H H/D# E
When I was lost, the wayward one so far away
H H/D# E
I was your thought, there on the cross that day
H H/D# E
I saw the feast, but I chose the dirt to lay my head
H H/D# E
I was a captive to what the accuser said

Pre Chorus:
Then you stepped into my grave
Laughing at the guilt and shame
All my fear was stripped away
H/D# F#
Now I stand and sing

H Hsus4 H
I Am Washed by the blood of the lamb
I Am Washed by the blood of the lamb
F# E
By your scars my sin erased I’m innocent

Verse 2:
H H/D# E C#m7
Covered in beauty, clothed in every word you speak
H H/D# E C#m7
I stand in the promise that you will never leave
G#m7 F# E
‘Cause I found a love that fills me again and again
G#m7 F# E
I’ve tasted freedom that drowns out all my sin

H C#m7
Glory to the Lord on High
G#m7 F#
There is no one like You
H C#m7
Here my song of praise will rise
G#m7 F#
To my champion, my rescue
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