C#  D#  Fm  D#

1 verse:
C# D#
You set the boundaries for the oceans
Fm D#sus4 D#
You command the wind and the waves
C# D#
Standing over every season
Fm D#sus4 D#
God You reign, You reign

It's all Yours the day and the night,
Fm D#sus4 D#
the earth and the sky God it's all Yours
Every breath we're taking in
Fm D#sus4 D#
We pour out again in worship

2 verse:
God, You authored our beginning
You have numbered all our days
Your love for us is everlasting
Beyond the grave, You reign

C# D# Fm
The mountains rise and lift Your name
C# D# G#
The oceans roar and shout Your praise
C# Fm D#
Everything is yours
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