Исполнитель: Amanda Lindsey Cook

Альбом: House on a Hill

1 verse: Bb F Gm Stuck inside a house I built Eb F Cm7 Locked the doors and closed the shutters Bb F Gm With no strength left to cry for help Eb F Cm7 I hid in bed under the covers 2 verse: Stuck inside a shade of blue Sadness was my only comfort I didn't know that only You Could fill my world with all the colors Chorus: Bb This is my awakening F Eb That while my heart was fast asleep F Gm Bb Eb You were resurrecting me Bb I thought that I would never breathe F Eb I thought the pain would never leave F Gm Bb Eb But You're redeeming everything 3 verse: Now there's a dawn at every turn You speak to me in new beginnings A ray of sun to heal the hurt The music stops but You're still singing Tag: Bb Bb Gm Eb M-m-m-m-m, m-m-m-m-m, m-m-m-m-m. Bb Bb Gm Eb O-o-o-o-o, o-o-o-o-o, o-o-o-o-o-o. Bridge: Bb This is my awakening Bb I'm never going back to sleep Gm Eb How could I after what I've seen Bb This is my awakening Bb There's color now in everything Gm Eb Color now in everything
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