House on a Hill

Исполнитель: Amanda Lindsey Cook

Альбом: House on a Hill

1 VERSE: It's quiet in this house upon a hill You won't mind it somethings you can't know till you're still In the silence where your spinning thoughts slow down In the stillness Things have a way of working out CHORUS: Allow me to introduce myself again I'm the one that held you before time began I've been waiting for you to let me be your friend Everything you ever need is everything I am I am I am 2 VERSE: Take your chances there's nothing here to lose Ask your questions I promise you the truth As you’re ready I want to heal your heart Is it heavy Old wounds have left a mark CHORUS: Allow me to introduce myself again I was with you every place you've ever been I'm the one who held you even when you couldn't stand If you're wondering who can heal your brokenness I can I can I can 3 VERSE: I'll meet you in the house upon a hill How I want to show you I am real CHORUS: Allow me to introduce myself again I'm the love you used to think could not exist I'm as sure as where you're standing and as free as the wind You don't have to reach for me because this is where I am I am I am
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