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Исполнитель: Константин Косячков

Альбом: Arow

You are my glory,

You are my crown

I'm an explorer

Of Your holy ground.

I've seen Your wonders

All of them are true

But the one that's the most marvelous

Is that i am in You.

I'm crying loud

But all these tears are about my joy

I fall in love

And You will never betray my soul

That's why i need You more

That's what i'm looking for

That's what i'm longing inside


Shine, shine, shine,

Shine Your light.

I want to know You more

Every step of my way

I want to see You Lord.

As a giver of grace.

To drink of Your sweet waters

To stand under Your rain

To plunge in the river of worship

Again and again.
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  • Константин Косячков Русский Сияй

  • Константин Косячков Русский Стрела

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