Jeremy Camp - Heaven's Shore (Forevermore)

Heaven's Shore (Forevermore)

1 verse:
The final rest on that day
When I lay my weary head on heaven's shore
The final breath is not the end
It's just the start of all that I've been living for
On that day when I am welcomed home

I will run like a child
To the arms of Your love
I will sing with tongues of angels
With those who've gone before
When I look upon Your face
The very moment I have craved
In Your presence forevermore
On heaven's shore

2 verse:
To leave this place is to leave my fears
And step into the light of the glory of my King
I'll see in full and bow in awe
In the presence of my Savior's majesty
I can't wait, no, I can't wait

Singing Hallelujah
I'll sing forever and I'll sing forever
I'll sing forever and I'll sing forever
When I reach heaven's shore

Heaven's Shore (Forevermore)
Jeremy Camp

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