Исполнитель: Newsboys

Альбом: Love Riot

1 verse:
Time after time it’s all the same
I forget who I am i take Your place
The bigger I get the harder I fall
I act like I don’t need You at all

And one by one my bridges burn
Until I’ve nowhere left to turn
But it’s You who’s right there for me
And it’s You who writes my story

I need an earthquake
To shake me until it breaks me down
I’m giving You everything
My pride’s crashing to the ground
Shatter my walls let my kingdom fall
I don’t wanna wear this crown no more
My heart is Yours to take
It’s You that can save me it’s You that can shake me

I need an earthquake
I need an earthquake

2 verse:
I’ve lived on the edge for way too long
Walking a tightrope on my own
When out of the dark iheard You call
Now, into Your hands I surrender all

So take my heart and shape it up
To build me into what You want
‘Cause it’s You who sees right through me
You’re the only one that moves me

I lift my hands
I lift my hands high
My heart is open
My heart is open wide
Show me life
Show me a new life
Where all that’s left
Where all that’s left is You and I
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