1 verse:
Weighted down a million thoughts and I can't sleep
It's crushing me every moment I'm awake
Can't catch my breath and I can't catch a break
Hide behind an empty smile but I know I'm not okay

Pre chorus:
Pushing me closer to the edge
I don't even wanna deal with it, but I know I gotta deal with it

I just wanna feel alive again
I just wanna feel alive again

2 verse:
Dreaming of a way to make my great escape
From all the things that led me to this place
I'm stressing now they all depend on me
I don't wanna let them down i'm just trying not to sin

Help me hold on the walls are closing in
God can you help me?
No one but You will ever understand
The weight that I'm feeling

I just wanna feel alive
I just wanna feel alive
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