D   Hm7   Gmaj7   Gmaj7 

1 verse:
D G2
He is my Faithful Father, calling me out of the dark
Hm7 A G2
And I cannot whisper away what He said in the light
D G2
He is my firm foundation, my anchor won't be moved
Hm7 A G2
Storms may colide but my soul is on fire with His Word

D G2
Wind, listen to the sound of power on my lips
Hm7 A
Jesus has broken the curse, He has never lost a battle
D G2
Who are You great mountain that you should not bow low
Dm7 A
Jesus deafeated the darkness, He has never lost a battle

2 verse:
D G2
He is the only healer, His love will never fail
Hm7 A G2
All my belief dares to defeat every lie
D G2
He is a strong, high, tower, fear will not find me there
Hm7 A G2
'Cause I come alive with His promise inside of my heart

Em7 D/F# Gmaj7 Gmaj7

D Em7 D/F# G
Christ Redeemer, we remember, He has won the war
D Em7 D/F# G A D/F# A
Jesus, Mighty Overcomer, our defender has conquered

Em7 D/F# Gmaj7 Gmaj7
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Английский Never Lost
Catherine Mullins

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