Phillips, Craig & Dean

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Here I Am to Worship
Phillips, Craig & Dean
You Are God Alone (Not A God)
Phillips, Craig & Dean

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Phillips, Craig & Dean first appeared in 1992, when the trio's self-titled debut introduced a blend of Christian ministry, vocal harmony, and contemporary pop/rock songwriting. From the start, the group wielded a good deal of influence in the sacred community, earning nominations at the yearly Dove Awards and routinely dominating the charts on CCM radio. Albums like Trust, Lifeline, Where Strength Begins, and Restoration maintained such popularity throughout the '90s, and Phillips, Craig & Dean ushered in the 21st century by redefining themselves as worship-oriented band.
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Here I Am To Worship
Phillips, Craig & Dean
2 песни / 2012 г.
Let the Worshippers Arise
Phillips, Craig & Dean
1 песня / г.

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