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Since their debut in 2006, InSalvation is an unmistakable part of the Dutch Christian musical landscape. The collective is more than a passionate band of worshippers: it is a catalyst for a movement with a heart for worship and justice. InSalvation desires to see people come together and worship God as one, to then go out into the world, changed by His Presence. The passionate pop/rock worship band is known for songs like ‘Fill This House With Your Glory’, ‘Neon’, ‘Power In The Blood’ and ‘God Who Saves’. They frequently played festivals like the Pinksterconferentie of Opwekking. Beside that, the band has a strong international perspective and an equally strong missionary focus on Europe. InSalvation is a band with six dedicated and passionate members: Jafeth and Sifra Bekx, Andy Stuijfzand, Tanja van Schuylenburg, Henny Mugge and Hanjo Fisser.
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