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Biography Fervent Worship is a worship team based out of The Ark Outreach Ministries in Florence, Alabama. The Band has two albums: Their newest studio Album, "Face to Face," released in March 2012: Recorded in hometown Florence, Alabama, Fervent Worship's second full length album, "Face to Face," is a 13 track cd birthed from the band's encounters with God. This sophomore album ranges from guitar driven songs like "Nothing's Gonna Hold Me Back," which address identity in Christ and The Kingdom, to the piano driven title track, "Face to Face," which narrates the process of a redeeming and purifying encounter with God. "Heavy Rain" (Live) released in 2010: Fervent Worship's 1st album, Heavy Rain captures the prophetic and cutting edge of modern worship. This 10 track Live CD is raw and intense, leaving the listener with a distinct impression of the band's heart - Fervency! Exploring themes from the power of phophecy in Come Alive, the goodness of Father God in My Shepherd, to the purpose of man in All to Praise; Heavy Rain is a power packed, spirit filled, and guitar driven album palpitating with passionate praise and raw worship.
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Face to Face
Fervent Worship
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